Agent of Change: Claire Whitney

Monday, July 15, 2013

Claire Whitney and Gracy
This year the summer coordinators have decided to choose a Volunteer of the Session, someone who really impresses us during their time at Rising Star Outreach. With so many amazing volunteers to choose from, it's no easy decision, but our first rock star of the summer is Claire Whitney!

Claire is from Park City, Utah and came to Rising Star with the Park City Five Organization. From the very first day, Claire stood out to us. She is kind and quiet, but she didn't let apprehension get in the way of her experience. Claire was the first one to arrive at every  meeting/ activity/ playtime/ party-time and the last to leave.  She made friends with the coordinators, the kids, and the other volunteers right away.  We are so thankful for her hard work and commitment, and also for the infectiously happy spirit she brought to campus. Claire, come back any time!

Claire Whitney is our first Agent of Change.  An Agent of Change is a volunteer, partner or supporter of Rising Star Outreach that exemplifies service that facilitates change.  They bring Health, Opportunity and Dignity to those they serve.

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  1. Awesome! This young woman is a role model! We at The HOPE Alliance are thrilled she is joining our June expedition to Haiti! Congratulations, Claire!


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